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I began insuring my dogs with VPI in 2003 after an un-insured senior Lab had tens of thousands of dollars in vet care due to a malignant mass in his liver. Although I had worked in the property and casualty insurance industry for 20+ years I was not familiar with pet health insurance. What I did know was that I could not take another financial hit as large as the one with my Lab. I am currently owned by 9 rescue dogs and could not possibly provide the care they need and deserve without VPI pet health insurance. VPI's customer service and claims processing are excellent. I have a small rescue dedicated to saving shelter dogs and I urge every adopter to purchase pet health insurance for their new companion. Obviously I spend much time in vet clinics and have seen too many people have to make the decision to euthanize their animal because they can not afford treatment. How sad for all family members, and I do not want any of my adopted dogs nor their families to ever be in that position. My "family" vet told me that a recent study indicated only 10% of pet owners have pet health insurance and his clients indicate they don't feel the coverage is a good investment. VPI's policies clearly state the benefits and everyone should read and understand their policies. I have used my policies to treat everything from kennel cough to the radiation my now 10 y/o Lab is undergoing for a malignant soft tissue mass. Dogs have the same health issues and needs as we humans and I am very, very thankful we have VPI to help see me and my canine family members through difficult times.

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