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A few weeks ago, my Great Dane had to have part of her tail amputated. I had to take her to the emergency hospital to have the procedure done as it was of course a Saturday. I submitted a bill for $1,400 to VPI and have just been reimbursed....... $247......... I called them and they directed me to their benefit schedule (which I don't remember receiving when I signed up), which lists the codes and items they will cover. They pay ONLY for the items that are coded within a specific category of injury. They paid for a portion of the actual amputation $180, and some of the anesthesia, but NONE of the surgical support. Not the fluids, surgical prep packs, bandages, injections, nursing units, exams, etc.....NONE of it. When I renewed my policies a month ago, I told the sales rep that I was unsure if I wanted to renew because I had heard stories about VPI not paying out. I was assured that they would, that my policy covered emergency care....I was totally lied to. In essence, I was reimbursed the cost of this years' premium. I have canceled both policies. It has not been worth the money, time and especially the upset.

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