Makes me glad I got insurance for my furbaby

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I have nothing but good things to say as a first time pet owner and first time pet insurance policy holder. My baby went to ER and a one night stay in icu after what looked like a seizure or stroke (she collapsed out of nowhere while running with my sisters dog. Something they do all the time) it was such a relief to know the cost was not an issue (do still put a pet fund aside: you have to pay the cost upfront before you’re reimbursed) the total bill was for about 1100 and received about 900 back. this included x rays, fluids and bloodwork) I have the 90% reimbursement policy and have had it since my baby was a puppy (about 4 months) and I received Emails updating me with any information that was required. The initial claim took the “longest” as I needed to update medical records from wellness checks from her primary. The second and third were a puppy vaginitis treatment and a nausea and vomiting evaluation after she had 6 episodes that morning and all I had to do was update my invoice with doctors notes (app works like the pdf maker in notes on iPhone to upload your documents) and received my reimbursement in two days. I called multiple times for help with my first claim and received nothing but support and agents that were happy to help me. I cannot recommend Healthy Paws pet insurance enough. Read the reviews and compare: the proof is in the pudding.

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