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Recently our dog Bambi got mauled by a pit bull - we didn't have time to do anything but rush to the emergency center where he stayed overnight, then all day the next day. We brought the claim papers and had the vets sign off on them ... and minus our $200 deductible a $1350 cost was insured - the check came promptly, and PetPlan even had nice supporting emails and letters that came.
All in all I'm glad we purchased our insurance, and believe PetPlan is a great insurance company. Bambi is on his way to a full recovery - no more pit bulls for him, I pray!

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Posted: 10/05/2008

What if it was a lab or a retriever that attacked your dog? Would you keep him away from those breeds? I doubt it. It doesn't matter what kind of dog it was, and its irrelevant to your story. People like you are the reason pit bulls get such a bad rap. You have obviously never met one or you would know how amazing, smart and gentle they are. I bet you wouldn't put your chihuahua or min pin or whatever it is in bed with a newborn baby, like I do with my 2 pit bulls. Little dogs are the worst in terms of biting and unpredictability. You call yourself a dog lover? Then how can you hate an entire breed based on one incident? It's people like you that encourage the perpetuation of the lies and inconsistencies told by the media. I'm surprised you didn't know this, but it's the owners not the dogs that should be blamed. If you were chained to a pole, abused, with no food or water wouldn't you be rightfully upset? If you took the time to form your own opinions you would see how unfair and inaccurate this is. This kind of stereotyping and ignorance is the reason for the unfair racism that continues to plague these dogs. If you were really a dog lover you would keep an open mind and do some research and meet a few pit bulls, instead of torturing this misunderstood breed with your prejudice judgements.

Posted: 10/31/2008

While I heartily agree with you that the breed of the dog that caused the injuries is irrelevant to the OP's story, and that the media is insanely irrresponsible when it comes to "dangerous dog" reporting, not all Pitties (or Labs or BCs or whatever) are sweet and trustworthy, just like not all Pitties (or Labs or Rotts or Shih Tzus or whatever) are all "vicious". Every dog is different, and genetics *and* training and socialization play a role in its behavior.
And *NO* dog of any breed should be in bed with a newborn baby. Sweet nature and excellent training and socialization will never 100% guarantee that a bite incident will not happen. Yes, you might get 99.999% reliability, but a dog of any size is still a predator by nature and instincts are extremely powerful (Google "predatory drift").

Your hyperbole does the wonderful Pit Bull no favors. You're doing the same thing you accuse the OP of with your unsubstantiated claim that "little dogs are the worst in terms of biting and unpredictability." Dog bite statistics are extremely flawed, and there is no way to quantify "unpredictability". I've been a professional trainer for over 15 years, and worked with *thousands* of dogs and all breeds--there are no dangerous breeds. There are dangerous individuals and rotten owners.

I'm glad the OPs dog Bambi is on the mend. :)

Posted: 12/24/2008

In Akie's defense; saying that it was a Pit Bull that attacked the dog, gave a better understanding to me of the possible severity of its injuries. Don't get me wrong, as I've I've met several Pit Bulls who were as sweet as can be, and have met none who were at all mean.

Posted: 03/08/2009

Amen, Diana!!! Thank you so much for posting that comment. I own the sweetest, most precious Pittie and I would have to say that all the Pitties I have ever meet have been just the same. It is absolutely the people not the breed. It makes me sick to hear all of the negative things people have to say about this wonderful and absolutley amazing breed of dogs. It turly is discrimination of the worst kind! Ironically, I also own a Jack Russell Terrier (whom I love dearly, don't get me wrong) that is the most unpredictable little guy. He has bitten with out warning both people and other dogs. I would trust my Pittie around other dogs and children with out giving it a second thought but my Jack, that is a different story.

Posted: 03/15/2010

This is, so then why am do I find useless bickering about dog breeds instead of useful comments to help me decide which INSURANCE company would be the best for my pet. You people need to that ranting on different website.

Posted: 10/13/2009

What kind of fool would put any dog in a bed with their new born baby? And not to tear apart your little rant, but you claim of "racism" in regards to pit bulls but then you basically bash all little dogs as unpredictable and biters and the "worst". Get a clue, hypocrite.