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Several years ago, I would have written a great review for VPI because most of my claims were paid promptly and fairly, but ... at some point along the line, the company came up with a HUGE list of exclusions for each breed. Problem is, VPI never told policy holders! The list simply appeared on VPI's web site and policy holders didn't know about the exclusions until they needed the insurance. That is NOT the way to do business! If you're interested in pet insurance, make SURE to ask about breed-specific exclusions! Now I'm stuck because my older dog is 8.5 years old and many companies won't grant a new policy for her because of age; keeping her on VPI may be a waste of money because of all the exclusions! One thing for sure, though ... I WILL be switching companies for my younger dog and I'll look for one that doesn't have a 5-page list of breed-specific exclusions.

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