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My 150 lb Bullmastiff cracked one of his lower teeth (canine fang) and he appeared to be uncomfortable because the root was exposed. I took him to a veterinarian who specialized in dog dentistry. I had two options - pull it or put a crown on it. Needless to say, the cost of a crown was extremely prohibitive ($2,000+) and it would have created maintenance issues because it is common for crowns to come loose and they usually end up being swallowed, therefore needing to be replaced. The vet assured me he would be fine without the tooth (unlike some animals in the wild who rely on their canine teeth for survival). Pulling the tooth required major surgery. I realized why after seeing the tooth once it was pulled (the entire tooth was over 2 inches long and looked like it had come out of a shark!). The cost of the surgery was almost $900 of which my pet insurance covered over half without any question or delay.

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