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I've been happy with this insurance. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone how much they'll cover on each visit.... It's on the website! every diagnosis is listed and then how much you'll get back for it. Depending on where in the country you live your vet bill will be higher or lower... so the complaints about how much you get back I think is from people who have vets that charge twice what a vet in small town Kansas would charge. I live in NoVa and it's pricey here, but I've been happy with my reimbursements. I always get my check in the time frame they said. It also helps if your vet knows VPI and how they work as fas as paper work goes. You get your money faster. I love the new rider, covers up to $400 on preventative care a year... win!! :-) It's expensive but in my first year it paid itself off 100%.... shows you never know what to expect.

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