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I know it seems funny for a veterinarian to insure her own pets, right? But I have 9 animals on Pets Best Insurance right now. With this many animals, somebody is always getting into trouble. Pets Best has covered my claims - and so far - the money I have been reimbursed - has more than paid for my premiums - even in just wellness benefits.
I can't tell you how many people come in to our animal hospital with a sick pet, and can't afford the treatment or surgery they need. With this insurance - most people could afford to treat their pets. For me, I have peace of mind, and know that if I am out of town, they can go to the specialist of my choice to get the best in care - without killing my pocket book.

Their plans are easy to understand - meet the deductible - then they reimburse 80% of covered things. There is no age limit, so even my senior dogs were able to be covered, and I fully expect to have a big bill associated with the "end of life" circumstances that I am sure to face, all too soon. I saw several other insurance plans - as a veterinarian - and they were very confusing - even to a vet! I can't imagine a regular pet owner being able to figure out what is covered or not.

I am really pleased that if my pets need a specialist, either for a surgery or medical reason - I don't have to be worried about the costs.

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Posted: 07/11/2008

again, sounds like a promotion submitted or endorsed by the company itself. If you're going to fabricate a review--at least have it sound like a real person!

Posted: 09/18/2008

I agree...I have heard this same gimmick before...from someone claiming to be a rep of Pets Best...go with VPI they have been around longer and have established themselves in the pet insurance market....good try Pets Best

Posted: 03/04/2009

I have heard many more complaints about VPI than I have about Pets Best.