We switched to Petplan, and we are so glad we did.

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We first insured our two Labrador Retriever puppies, Gus and Quincy, with AKC another company under a promotional plan. The promotional policy was set to expire after a few months unless we renewed it, so I read the language and was shocked to learn the policy would not cover our dogs for hereditary conditions and that it had a “per illness” limit well below the coverage amount we selected, meaning the insurance would be of little value if something serious happened. We shopped around and I was impressed by Petplan’s coverage. We got policies for Gus and Quincy online that day.
Several months later, we learned that one of Quincy’s litter-mates had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia – a hereditary condition found mostly in large breeds like Labs. Our breeder had told us the sire and dame were OFA certified to be free of hip dysplasia, but that turned out to be a lie. We took Quincy in and had her checked out, and we were devastated when our vet told us that she had hip dysplasia that would eventually cripple her. She was only nine months old. We took her to an orthopedic surgeon who said he could help her through a very dramatic and expensive surgery called a bilateral darthroplasty, which would involve harvesting bone from her pelvis and rebuilding her hip sockets with bone grafts and screws. It cost nearly $5,000 and we did not have the money. Because we had the Petplan policy, we elected to have the surgery.

We had a negative experience previously with submitting an insurance claim for our car, so we were preparing ourselves for a difficult and time-consuming process. To my complete surprise, when we submitted the claim to Petplan, the claims representative was incredible! She was friendly and genuinely concerned about our situation. She expressed heartfelt condolences for our sadness and our dog’s condition. We were really scared and saddened by the diagnosis, and it was a tremendous relief to have courteous and caring claims representatives helping us. The Petplan reps were very helpful in getting us the information we needed to submit the claim, and Petplan paid our claim about ten days after we submitted it. Since then, Quincy had two months of physical therapy (in an underwater treadmill, if you can believe it), and Petplan again timely and professionally processed and paid our claim in about ten days.

If we would not have switched to Petplan last year, we would not have been able to afford this surgery and therapy. Quincy is doing great and with luck and care she will be pain free and totally mobile for the rest of her life. Petplan’s coverage is the best out there and the company followed through in a timely and professional manner with its obligation to pay our claim. I suppose we should expect that from an insurance company (although it’s not usually the case). What we did not expect was Petplan’s exceptional customer service. We are taking the time to write this because the people at Petplan made this otherwise horrible experience much easier for us by shepherding us through the process with genuine caring and understanding of our situation. Because of Petplan’s coverage, Quincy has a new lease on life; because of Petplan’s people, we have a pet insurance company for life.

Thank you, Petplan.

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