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They beat around the old bush and took their time, initially, my daughter failed to give my name when she brought Sampson the cat to the vet (he had sprung a fever) they had the policy number!!!!, yet this little bit of confusion caused them WEEKS of delayI called over and over again, they also repeatedly stated they had no info from the vet (who HAD faxed them) and ALSO NEEDED PREVIOUS HISTORY FROM ANOTHER VET!! All this BS was additional excuses for delaying payment to me.
THEN, they only paid 1/3 of the total cost, they advised me they had a "standard and approved " fee schedule, but that I could not have a copy of this fee schedule unless I gave them $150.00 payment for it!!! So I don't know how they came up with the settlement amount, which was of course, only 80% of this so called approved fee.

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Posted: 05/24/2013

Them requesting $150.00 for a copy of their fee schedule is an absolute lie! I have used this company for 2 years and they absolutely are unable to provide you with this information! I know this is a fact because I've asked several customer service reps for it between when I enrolled 2 years ago and 3 months ago! I haven't had a problem with the usual and customary amounts, I just wanted to find out what was usual and customary in the region of my vacation house, in case my dog were ever hurt or sick there. Don't lie about something they've NEVER done!