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I have had three pets insured with this company since 2000. Somewhere along the line they changed their wording as they went from underwriter to underwriter. Avoid them like the plague. I now have a complaint pending with the Maine Bureau of Insurance and the Attorney General. I am also litigating this for Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices as I never got a renewal policy and had asked for the plan with the continuous coverage. I paid 120.00 a month for these plans and they lied on taped conversations on the phone (have tapes). They are the worst out there. Time to make them honest. Moderator, contact me pls for full details as I want to get the truth out there.

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Posted: 07/07/2008

If they are so awful, why have you stayed with them since 2000?

Posted: 08/21/2008

When we changed over to ASPCA, I had to call and call and call to get our policy. They claim it was sent out but I never got it. I even gave them a new address (PO Box) just in case someone was stealing our mail. Still didn't get it. Then they said they needed our dogs records. They were sent many times. Now they keep denying our claims as they say they are pre-existing and I can't get a straight answer as to why they denied them. I would love to go after Hartville.

Posted: 09/18/2009

I would love to go after them too. I just became their latest victim of their "manifestation clause". My last claim was denied under "pre-existing conditions". I also never received any information stating such changes to their policies. Their current practices are deceitful and they should be held accountable. I would love to join any class action suits against them.