VPI-the biggest rip-off !!

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I have had VPI insurance for 10 months, and every time I submit a claim, it is the sme story. There are so many things... maximums, deductibles, pre-existing conditions, exclusions..it just goes on and on. I took the most expensive insurance VPI offers, for my dog, and today was the last straw! I submitted a claim for $1,000 and I got back $214! My dog had been hospitalized and this is all they could pay. Their contention was that the dog had colitis (their own diagnosis), and that is covered at $98. When I asked for an explanation it was the same old story and excuses. I am cancelling my policy and looking elsewhere. I would NOT recommend this insurance to anyone, under any circumstances. I could not imagine any policy being worse than VPI.

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Posted: 07/16/2008

This is almost identical to my situation. I wish I would have read this before going with them!