Bailey's surgery & his friends and PetPlan

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Bailey, my 1 year old Labrador retriever had to have surgery. I was devastated when I heard the news. It was so upsetting seeing my puppy suffer and being confined to the crate. He is well on his recovery path and I hope the future will be more rewarding for this wonderful dog.
I kept in touch with Gwynne Layne from PetPlan who has been extremely nice and professional. Received e-mails with best wishes for Bailey and guidance through out this process.
I highly recommend this insurance to every person having a pet young or old. I got this insurance (thought I will not need one having a puppy) because my sister told me she purchased it for her dog. At least I did one good thing...

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Posted: 10/16/2008

I've been searching and searching for Pet Insurance. We recently had to put down a 15 year old Lhasa Apso--thank goodness she was healthy and lived a long life and didn't get sick until the very end. The house was so empty when the kids went back to school that we decided to bring another puppy home. We decided on a labrador, but I remembered years ago I had a Doberman and she was stricken with hip diplaysia. She was my beloved dog, I had her from 12 years old and she was my best friend, but my parents just couldn't afford the cost of the surgery so we had to put her down. Knowing that labradors can have the same problem I have been loooking. All these comments have been so helpful and I think we are going with PetPlan. Kismet when I read this comment--our Labrador's name is Bailey too! Thanks for writing in.