TOTAL RIPOFF - $317 out of nearly $5K for cancer

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Talk about insult to injury. I was lied to about my benefits by Kathleen at VPI on May 1st and, as a result, am getting back a paltry $317 out of the $5,000 I spent in vain trying to save my beloved cat, Simba, age 13, when he was diagnosed with cancer. I called VPI prior to taking him to two specialists that cost over $3,000 and had been told I would get 90% of my money back. I've paid over $1,000 in premiums alone on this policy and never even had more than $300 in claims until he got sick. Today, I was told that I should have read my policy better and sorry you didn't read the fine print. F&CK YOU, VPI. I am cancelling the three cats I still have living and going with a company that CARES.

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