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After a horrible experience with VPI and a semi good experience with Petcare, I found this site and saw all the raving reviews for this company, so I decided to try it out. I just want to thank everyone for your input becuase this company is absolutely fantastic. 3 months after my plan went into effect my dog began having seizures, I was a little worried that the company would try to say that it was pre exisitng since it had only been 3 months since i got the insurance, but i was so wrong. they emailed me to update me on the progress of the claim and was very helpful in trying to get information, going so far as calling the vet themselves. They remained professional and so caring. I really wish I would have discovered this insurance in the beginning, but I'm so glad I'm signed with them now. Embrace is the perfect name for them, they truly embrace you and your pet.

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