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i have been with petplan for 3 years...every year my deductable increase...i have the champion plan and am paying approx. $96.oo per that tell me that my claims will not be processed at 80% but at 60%....because i have put in to many claims...which i really do not agree with..but you can not argue with them...your always the loser. someone at petplan customer service told me the problem is not the amount of the claims....but how often you sumbit...they said i should consolidate the claims and send them in all at once...therefore it is less claims that i am submitting...this way my insurance would not have gone from 80 to 60 percent on payback...

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Posted: 06/23/2008

I agree, my dog just turned one and I had to put in a claim as a result of him having severe pano, I received a letter from petplan telling me due to my claim my coverage will be reduced to 70%. What is the point in having insurance if all their going to do when you submit a claim is increase your rates and drop your coverage. I was prewarned about them, I am actually considering not renewing, now that my dog has been disagnosed, pretty soon my coverage will only be 50% or less, much like the family with the greyhound, so why pay them a monthly rate when the actual amount you end up paying them is more than what it would have cost you in the end.

Posted: 06/30/2008

I have been with petplan for four almost four years I never put in a cliam because it never reached the yearly deductable. yet each yr they raise the fee. My cat Angle is eleven, he is not covered fored for his diabetes. Petplan raised his deductable from $100-$250, now they want to raise it to $500. I LOVE MY CAT but I live on $700 a month. I pay rent,( Pet insurance, Angles Meds and Special Food $180-$200 month) I really need to find a pet insurance company which has a lower deductable, my premiums are $37 a month. I don't mind the fee so much it's the deductable. Between $250 & $500 I will never beable to place a claim.I have a good vet and he knows I am on a limited income so he does his best not to charge me huge fees.

Posted: 07/31/2008

Consolidating your claims will NOT save you from Petplan decreasing your coverage. I had my cats on Petplan for NINE Years without any claims. Last year one of them was diagnosed with renal failure. I submitted only TWO claims for over $3000 of vet bills. One month after my cat died, I got a letter from Petplan telling me that my coverage was lowered from 80% to 50%. They have also increased the rates every year. And they make you pay a co-pay amount on your deductible. So a $250 deductible means they don't pay for the first $300.

Posted: 01/30/2018

Trupanion is the absolute worst pet insurance company you can get.... would not recommend them to my worst enemy. I've been with them since my dog was a pup and have been in regret about it ever since, he had an ear infection once when he was 3 months old which they didn't cover and since then (he's 2.5yr now) they have still yet to cover one thing. I have been there while 3 different vets on 3 different occasions have been screaming on the phone with trupanion telling them this ear infection is not related but still they refuse to help. My vet clinic has even told me they never have any luck getting claims to go through trupanion and that we should cancel which is exactly what I'm doing. Unless you enjoy getting robbed on a monthly basis I suggest you 100% do NOT consider trupanion. I'm in Canada by the way not Alabama