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I purchased a pet insurance plan from Petplan for my goldendoodle puppy, O'Neill, in April of 2010. I had gotten the puppy in June of 2009; things did not go well for a long time. He had inflammatory bowel syndrome throughout most of that first summer. Our vet eventually was able to treat him (this treatment took us into October) and it finally got better, but not until our family and puppy had been through much stress, confusion, and worry.

In December of 2009, the puppy (now about 8 months old) developed severe ear issues; by this I mean that his ears became very red and sore on the inside. Nothing our vet did really helped. I took him in February of 2010 to another veterinary group in our state for a different opinion. Nothing they did helped...from a change in food to different kinds of ear meds..nothing helped. Finally, in March, I took the puppy to Tufts Veterinary in Walpole, MA. After working through March and April with a dermatologist there, things started to improve. By May, he was given a clean bill of health...thank God.

I wish I had gotten Petplan insurance early on because everything I just described would have been covered. The over $1,500 of unexpected vet bills only added to the stress we all felt during that very long year. This is why I started doing some shopping around for health insurance for the O'Neill. I looked at many plans and I liked Petplan the best. The website was very user friendly, and I was able to choose a plan that I found aff

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