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We adopted Maggie right after Christmas in 2008 when she was just over 3 months old. We set her up with a PetPlan policy shortly after adoption and we are extremely grateful we did. A few months into 2009 Maggie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. When we took her to a specialist to take xrays of her hips, the doctor informed us that not only are both of her hips bad, but also both of her knees are bad as well and that they are even worse than her hips. We signed her up for physical therapy (walking on an underwater treadmill) and about a month into the sessions the therapist noticed her gait was changing and something was wrong with her elbows. The doctor diagnosed Maggie with elbow dysplasia and she went in for immediate surgery on both arms. After recovery and more physical therapy, Maggie's knees continued to get worse. She had knee surgery on her right leg in May 2009 and knee surgery on her left leg less than 2 months later. Again, we went through quite a bit of recovery and another 12-week round of physical therapy. Maggie loved her new legs! She was able to run around all over the back yard and go on long walks (things she could never do before). We even participated in a 5k walk for breast cancer in October 2010. However, just a few months afterward, Maggie started holding up her back left leg. A trip to the doctor in early February 2011 indicated a torn ACL. The doctor was able to immediately perform the surgery, more complex since she already had a few

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hip dyslpasia, elbow dysplasia, luxating patellas, torn ACL
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