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I now have PetPlan and highly recommend it to anyone who asks. The premiums are a bit higher but they operate like a regular insurance: a one-time yearly deductible, and then 80%. They don't cover initially pre-existing conditions that have been treated previously (as all of them do). My little 5-year-old Maltese-ShihTzu had blood in her urine and was diagnosed with e-coli in the bladder. The total was about $750. After the $100 deductible, I got back 80%! No hidden fees or gotchas. I received within 3 weeks a check for $521. And am expecting a check soon for 80% of the follow-up bloodwork of $136.
I hope I don't have to use it again and my pups stay healthy, but it certainly gives me peace of mind knowing they will deal with me honorably when the time comes.

I was with VPI for a couple years and only had a couple claims and each time it was like, well, for this you $15 (but my vets charge was like $65 or so), and it was just a hassle because you never knew if you would even get reiumbursed. The kicker was when it took multiple visits and assorted tests to diagnose my dog with lesions on the roof of his mouth. He was gagging so we did x-rays, bloodwork, etc. and while he was "out" so the doctor could a procedure, they found the lesions. BUT to VPI it was considered a single diagnosis (even though we went through three assumed diagnosis to get there) and after $1,200, I got about $200 back. Then I went to ASPCA, thinking these are the people who are advocates for animals, so they should be better. But then I found out terrible things about pre-existing conditions, such as if my dog had an event on 12/31, on 1/1 it would be considered a pre-existing condition and not covered, unless (I think) I bought a much higher policy which covers pre-existing.

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