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We have two dogs; a seven-year-old Toy Poodle and a nine-month-old Rottweiler. Both have premium policies with well-core riders which provide for partial preventive care. Our most recent claim was for the puppy's neuter. While he was under anesthesia, the vet also removed a cyst from his eye. The charge for the visit was substantial, to say the least. We submitted the claim to VPI the day of the surgery and received reimbursement in less than two weeks that exceeded the amount we'd calculated. We highly recommend VPI. Not only is it a great value (our policies pay for themselves given the premium to payout ratio), but it's also outstanding in terms of customer service. The few times I've had to call to speak to a representative it's been like talking to an old friend (who always answers the phone). Securing VPI policies for our dogs is the most satisfying investment we've made for them.

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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