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After much thought and with knowledge of others' high-priced experience with vets and pet illness, I decided to insure all 3 of my dogs this year. About a month ago one of my dogs came down with pancreatitis, and not a mild case, either. $8300 later I was blessed to still have my Napa and also to have received my 80% reimbursement check from Petplan. Each time I called customer service I received courteous, empathetic service, and most importantly what I was told actually came to pass. Even though the 1st check I received was supposed to have 2 signatures and only had one, I'm still rating Petplan as excellent due to customer service response when the error was brought to attention. There were no excuses, only a reissued check sent o/n at company expense. When I called back to speak to a manager to praise 3 employees for excellent customer service, the manager in question couldn't speak with me just then; he was taking incoming calls due to high call volumes. As someone who has worked years in customer service, I am so often underwhelmed by the caliber of most customer service departments. I can't remember the last time I left a positive review such as this one, for instance. But this company has earned my respect and future business, and I had no trouble at all recommending them to my boss.

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