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This company is terrible!! I have two dogs and both of them have had surgeries that they did not cover. They claimed they were from genetic problems. How is a hernia a genetic problem?? Anyone or anything can get a hernia! I can't stand it. Then you pay $60 for flea treatment and they cover like $5. Big deal what is the point? I have been paying $12 a month for that coverage and you pay me $5 only twice a year max?? That is really worth my time. The office visits don't even make up for it. They are only $20 twice a year. I believe someone else mentioned that they cover $65 for spay/neuter, like that is really what it costs. I think I paid $200 and that was only with the help of Pet Assistance. Without that you pay $400-600. $65 doesn't even pay for anesthesia. They are a joke and a rip-off. With most surgeries I have come across they tell me that they are not covered for some reason or another. And I don't want some idiot telling me that the reasons are in the paperwork because how am I supposed to forsee what my dog is going to get three years down the road when I purchased this stupid product. I am cancelling imediately and not getting pet insurance at all. It is a complete waste of money. I haven't seen a reason to have it yet so why would I shop for another company to steal my money?

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