So Glad we had Embrace Pet Insurance!

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I was glad we had Embrace when our dog Terra started to experience strange symptoms. It was late and we were about to go to bed, but we decided to take her to the Emergency Vet instead. Terra had developed pyometra and needed emergency surgery ASAP! If we had gone to sleep she probably wouldn't be with us today. She almost died in surgery when her infected uterus burst and another doctor who decided to stay and help came out to tell us it wasn't looking good. Luckily, she was a fighter and she pulled through and began healing surprisingly well. I couldn't help thinking while she was in surgery "I sure hope Embrace comes through for us" It was definitely NOT CHEAP! Terra's ordeal cost us 4,400 bucks and although we would have paid anything to get her better, we were not in a position to spend that type of money. Everyone thought we were crazy! Thanks to Embrace, we were reimbursed $3,009 after our deductable and copay, which sure was a relief. Embrace was great! I always knew what was going on with my claim every step of the way. An agent always emailed me with updates, when the claim was done, when the check was going out and even to make sure we received our check. We had our check before Terra was even fully recovered. I was VERY impressed with their customer service! Even got an e-mail just to see how Terra was doing weeks later, which was nice. I hope to never file another claim like that again, but I'm sure glad we had Embrace!

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Norwegian Elkhound

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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