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Our beautiful and happy Akita, Papu, has not had many major illnesses or accidents during her 10 years, however, recently she had a strange puncture wound on her abdomen that went unnoticed (under all her fur!) and went on to develop an infection. Her situation became very serious, very quickly! Thankfully, when I had to take her to the Emergency Vet over the weekend, one thing I didn't have to worry too much about was how I was going to pay for it. I still had a hefty co-pay, but the overall treatment was far in excess of $1000, so the coverage was well worth it! Beyond that, her routine vaccinations and checkups are covered more than I thought, which was a pleasant surprise. I would highly recommend VPI to anyone who wants the best care for their pets.

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pucnture wound; infection
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Over 8 years

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