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We have had our Minature Bull Terrier for just under 10 months now, and unfortunatley he has had a few issues. His most recent involed stomach surgery to remove foreign objects, bully breeds tend to explore with their mouths.... After a few trips to our vet, and several overnight stays in emergency he's doing fine and back to his clownish self. Trupanion has been absolutely unbelievable. We purchased Trupanion based on the recomondation of our Vet, who said she had always had great interaction with Trupanion, and had several other clients who were very pleased with Trupanions coverage.
Of course we did not expect to have so many issues with our new baby bully, but even with several claims within a few months, totaling over $3000 dollars, Trupanion has always come through with the coverage that our policy said it would cover. I am constantly telling friends who have pets that they should really check out Trupanion, especially those that get puppies and kittens, because it really is a relief knowing that you can give your pets the medical attention they need, without worrying about covering the sometimes large veterinary bills.

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foreign objects in stomach
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Miniature Bull Terrier

Age of Pet
Under a year

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