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Trupanion paid ~$30,000 to help us give our Coco the healthiest, longest and happiest life. Because of Trupanion we were always able to tell our vet to please "treat her as if she was your own"! When she needed a $12,000 surgery, we didn't have to even think twice. And, Trupanion's ability to pay our vet directly in seconds is AMAZING! We've never seen such incredible customer service! <3 We have come to realize that vet medicine and vet dental are like human medicine and dental and would never be without Trupanion for our beloved family member!

Please be kind to your vet and staff too! They get paid a fraction of what human medical professionals get paid and they have a very tough job because many clients think they're in it only for the money and treat them badly. (Vet school is just as hard or harder to get into than med school and the huge debt load is about the same!) On top of all that, dogs and cats hide their pain and can bite/scratch the people who are just trying to help them!

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