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I had VPI since my cockapoo was 8 weeks old. I had the wellness plan and illness, accident plan. I started having problems from the first. It took three tries to get rid of worms and they would only paid for one treatment. Then in June/2010 she got very sick and the vet told me to take her to our local pet hospital because the x-ray look like she had a blockage. The hospital also agreed from looking at the x-ray and kept her. After tests and x-rays, 24 hours later the blockage moved and she was able to come home with medicine. They felt that it was Gastroenteritis. Total bill for my vet and hospital was 1,458.00. Total rec'd from VPI was 421.00. I tried to explain that to both my vet and the hospital, it looked like a blockage and the extra tests and x-rays was needed . I have since cancled my policy and started with another company. I would never recomend this pet insurance to anyone. Do your homework which I have since done. There are many other pet insurances which are better.

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1 - 8

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Posted: 07/28/2010

You had a lower level of coverage, and can't expect to get all of your money back when you only pay about $10 a month. Do your homework first and don't complain after your claims.

Posted: 07/30/2010

No I didn't. I had the top one and was to get back 90%. For your infomation I pay the highter one.