No Red Tape for Removing Bibby's Polyp

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My husband and I are completely satisfied with Trupanion. Recently we noticed Bibby had been throwing up for a couple of days - we didn't think much of it because when Bibby doesn't eat at the time we feed him he'll throw up, so we thought it was 'normal' for him. But coming home from work one day we found Bibby glued to his water bowl and drinking excessively. His stomach was swollen and he was nervous to our touch. After blood tests and xrays our vet revealed Bibby has what's called a polyp (a blockage in the stomach lining) which is common in male Shih Tzu's. Bibby had to go through surgery to remove it. Our bill totaled over $3K but thankfully purchasing Trupanion pet insurance for our baby boy with ZERO deductable saved us over $2800.00 - we only paid $300.00. I highly recommend Trupanion for your four-legged loved ones - not only did they save us $$$ but there was absolutely no red tape to cut through.

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