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We have been policy holders of VPI for eight years, however we are now switching providers as we have "had it" so to speak, with this company. We kept saying we'd leave years ago but became complacent with checking other providers, always putting it off, etc, and it was just easier to renew with VPI with a quick call to them. Those days are clearly over and we have taken the time to research, talked to vets and other pet owners, and will not be renewing with VPI. Briefly, here's why, and the following is not only our experience but a summation of the comments received over the last three to four months of our research: They take forever to respond to claims, with the average time seeming to be in the two to three month timeframe. They do not cover many items in their "benefit schedule", and often rely on their on-staff veterinarians to rebuke what YOUR vet says is wrong. Their customer service is slow, un-caring, "robot-like" as one person said it. Premiums go up every year. It doesn't appear to be the increase in premiums that concerns people, but the amount that the premiums go up when compared to past performance when submitting a claim, having a question and the overall value of their service when one compares it to competitive pet insurance companies. For us, the deciding factor involved many variables but was driving by two key elements: First, the opinion of one of the leading veterinarians in our area with regard to personal experience with this company vs. that of other providers. Second, and most important, was our experience with our animal that died of cancer, but VPI refused to pay for cancer claims, even though we purchased their additional cancer riders annually for five years prior to the diagnosis. Again, they will do anything to avoid paying for large claims, they sometimes pay for smaller items which we believe now to be "temptation payments" to keep you as clients until something big happens. Then, watch out. Goodbye VPI, you've lost a long-standing customer and I am sorry it took so long to find the time to adequately research what else is out there.

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