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i have had VPI insurance for my dog since she was a puppy, and it has always been very affordable. my rottweiler tore her ACL when she was about 2 years old. VPI was great, and about half the cost was reimbursed. she recently tore her other ACL (she is now 8). while in pre-op, a blood test and subsequent biopsy revealed a malignant tumor between her heart and lungs. needless to say, she ended up having multiple major surgeries within a few weeks time. VPI paid the same amount for the ACL as was paid when she was a puppy (clearly the surgery cost had risen though), and about half was paid for her tumor removal/other procedures. as long as you follow directions and send in what is asked of you, claims are processed extremely quickly. you can keep tabs online, as to the status of your claims, and almost immediately after being validated, a check is sent out to you. i would have had these surgeries done regardless of money, but the VPI is so worth it, and made the financial piece much less of an issue. i continue to pay VPI for my dog, and would do so again for another. and any customer service personnel i have had contact with, has not only been kind and professional, they even expressed concern for my dog...which was really appreciated.

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torn ACL and cancer (not related)
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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