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Can't believe I am about to wax poetic about an insurance company (aren't they the bad guys?) but here goes-- Reasons to use Embrace:
1. Transparency. Send them your dog's medical records and they will tell you what they won't cover. If you don't like the result they will refund your first month's premium, so you know ahead of time what won't be covered. There are no hidden schedules of "customary charges" that you are not allowed to see. Send them a vet bill and they send you the percentage you paid for with an explanation. And oh yes, you get a real person's name to email or talk to if you have a question.

2. Customer Service on every level. They email you when they have received the fax from your vet or from you with the claim. They email you when they have examined the claim and tell you what amount will be reimbursed with it broken down (in English not insurancese) and when they will send the check (within 15 days so far).

3. They actually send the checks when they say.

4. Above and beyond: Embrace recently emailed me to ask if I had received a check (I had not emailed them).I had not received it so they informed me that they had reissued the check and gave me the date when to expect it. Several days later a hand written note of apology and a $5 Starbucks
gift card arrived as they had apparently been having a problem. The new check arrived promptly thereafter. Who does that?
3..Flexability: choose your pet's plan (and if the rates seem higher than some other plans check whether those plans pay on the actual vet bill or not. You get what you pay for).

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