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After reading all the reviews, I am going to be the outcast and say how happy I am that I decided to purchase this insurance. My dog, Mannie, was hit by a car and none of the vets really expected him to live. He had so much swelling on his brain that his eyes were bulging out of their sockets. If I hadn't of had this insurance, I would have had to put him down immediately because I could never have afforded to go in debt for what the vet bills were going to cost me. The vets call Mannie their miracle dog. He had such a strong desire to live, that he was out of the hospital just one week after the accident. He had to have blood transfusions, feeding tube, foley catheter, chest tube, IV medications, surgery, and the list goes on. Thanks to VPI, a large portion of the bill was covered and Mannie is alive and well (except for a slight head tilt, which I think just adds character).

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