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We have insured our pets (two dogs and a parrot) through VPI for over 2 years. One of our dogs developed some serious conditions that required urgent veterinary attention in the last year of her life. We were glad that VPI did not dictate which vet we had to use, so she was able to continue seeing the vet who was familiar with her. In every instance and with every surgery, VPI promptly reviewed and processed our claims. Obviously, there were limits up to which they could cover our claims, but the reimbursements were always substantial. Having VPI gave my family peace of mind that we could provide our pets the best care possible at the time of their greatest need, without having to turn-down potential life-saving procedures because of cost. In addition, their staff has always been extremely professional and courteous in our interactions with them and showed true compassion when our dog passed away. We would recommend them with our reservation to any pet lover.

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