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After researching all of the pet insurance companies that I could find inforamtion on which included a spreadsheet of cost compairisons, I went with Petplan. I was able to purchase my policy online and after I received my policy in the mail and read through it, I called customer service with my questions. I got very clear answers on my questions and was satisfied with the answers I got. Like many of the other reviewers on this site, I work in the health insurance business and am VERY critical of the wording in policy documents; I get calls all day from members confused by their coverage because they never asked questions about their policy. I feel very confident that if my puppy ever has an issue that he will be able to get the care that he needs. I am even looking into purchasing a policy for a bulldog that will be comming home soon! This plan was reccommend by my vet and I'm really glad she did, it really is the best one out there.

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Posted: 11/17/2009

Just beware though that they can and do backdate exclusions onto the policy and appear not to be aware of natural characteristics in certain breeds which they then decide are conditions and exclude them - this has just happened to me and we are trying to fight it with their complaints department.