Cruciate Repair (knee surgery)

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My experience with VPI insurance was excellent. My dog needed a cruciate repair in her hind leg. I received a quote before surgery which I forwarded to VPI. They explained what was covered (maximum limit for the entire surgery, post surgery, therapy, etc.) Almost all of China's expenses where paid, less approx. $40 for her last therapy class. My claim was handled extremely quickly, no questions asked. It was almost within the same month as her surgery when I received the check. I worked with my existing Vet to do the procedure and he was excellent. The surgery was a complete success, she is walking fine with no pain; it will take another few months through some home therapy methods the dr. instructed me to do, but she should be back to her 3 mile walks with me again real soon.. I also would like to mention; that all my claims for the past several years have been covered quickly and easily. I've submitted yeary exams,teeth cleanings, meds, to more common things like itchy skin conditions, etc.

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