They care about money not animals!!!

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My fiance and i have 3 dogs. 2 are 7 yrs old and 1 is 5 yrs old. This company's sole purpose is to take advantage of people who truely love their pets and only want the best for them. I have had several claims with this company and have found out several things things. They don't reimburse the amounts they claim too and they will deny your claims for no valid reason other than they need more information.. when everything you supllied is directly from the vet!! I have spent more money in my time than it would have cost to not have paid for the insurance and just paid the bill .. which it looks like I will be doing anyway. Also after approving 1 of the 7 yr olds she developed some issues .. they came right out and said we are looking at this close because she is old and just got approved!! It took 3 times as long to get her approved than the other 2 dogs. So they had reviewed all the vets notes and approved her .. so now just pay up !!! These are the biggest con-artists around. If you think this is a good company .. I have some swamp land to sell you!!!!!!!

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