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I purchased VPI coverage at the recommendation of my vet and I admit, I paid my premiums and neglected submitting my claims because I was skeptical that they would be filled. My thought was that I was investing in ensuring that when the end came, I might have a little help in covering the costs of ensuring a dignified ending for my cat. This past summer, my cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. My vet gave him various treatments and eventually I succumbed to the expense of a radioactive iodine injection (which by the way seems to have completely cured the hyperthyroidism). On a whim, this past December, feeling the economic crunch, I collected all my past claims and submitted them. During the process, I went online to check the status of my claims and I realized that VPI had listed my cat's age incorrectly as 5. He was in fact 15. They immediately corrected the age, and in the meantime, honored all my claims at very generous levels. I have had occasion to call VPI three or four times now and each time have found there to be no significant waiting time. Each and every customer service representative has been patient, understanding, pleasant, and primarily interested in ensuring that my pets get the best health care possible and that I am treated with the greatest respect. I have become a vociferous and tireless advocate for VPI and if you are reading this, I recommend heartily that you too provide this coverage for your pet. Will they cover everything? Probably not. Will you occur some expenses from time to time? Almost certainly. Are they fair? From my experience, absolutely 100% yes. I believe my investment in my cat's health with VPI has been entirely worthwhile and I encourage you to make the same choice.

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