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Moe, about 8-months old at the time, apparently got a wound on his tail from accidentally getting outside. It was on his leg, and I did not notice it till he reacted to the pain in it, so it was infected.
His Home Again emergency-vet service recommended taking him to an emergency vet as it was after hours at the time. Since then, I've taken him to his regular vet for a similar injury (probably an infected wound from a cat fight), and it only costs about 40 percent as much there.

We didn't know what it was, and it wasn't till they shaved his leg that they realized it was an infected wound. He would bite when touched on the leg. Anyway, the cleaning and treatment of the wound, including Clavamox for infection, came out to about $270 with the emergency vet.

At first, PetCare balked at paying the claim, but eventually they did. It took a while.

They also recently got me to renew with a better policy (PetCare Gold 90), and even with a discount, it's about $250/year, much higher than PetPlan I notice, which gets much better reviews and provides better coverage. I will probably switch, but PetCare's OK to me so far, but I'm a bit leery.

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