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My husband and I have a male and female Akita. When our female was around 1, she got food poisoning and ended up in the hospital for a week. The Vet bill was just under $2000. Thankfully we had decided as soon as we got her as a puppy, to get Pet Insurance. We got back over $1000 just in that one instance. Our other story is even worse. Our male had 1 torn ACL and 1 partially torn ACL. The Vet operated on both legs at the same time and it ended up a disaster because the one band broke and the other almost broke. Our boy had numerous infections in both legs, as well as seroma's and other complications. The initial surgery was almost $4000. We had him at the Vet at least 1 to 2 times every week for the first 5 months due to complications. Every time it seemed he was getting better, he would get another seroma or infection. Then the knee started sliding. Finally the Vet told us that he didn't know what else to do, and referred us to a Specialist. Then came more surgery which cost another $1500. Throughout all of this, we were also taking him to underwater treadmill therapy which was very expensive. Now at almost 1 year since his final surgery, he has been given the all clear and his legs are good. He will always have his limp and will probably develop arthritis earlier than usual, but at least he can run around and play again. After all the costs during that time, we spent well over $10,000. Thankfully we were reimbursed alot of that from VPI. We not only received most of the surgery costs back, but also the underwater treadmill costs because it was through a licensed Veterinarian. Those cost about $540 for 10 lessons and we were taking our boy every week. When my husband and I got our first dog, we didn't hesitate to get pet insurance. Even the regular check ups and exams get reimbursed. I'm so glad today that we did, because it has helped us afford the best care for our loved ones. Thank you VPI!!

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