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I have always had cats. Within 3 years though I had one with Kidney Infection and he died, I couldn't treat, was too late. I decided with next cat to get insurance. I got Petwatch immediately. Within 6 months of owning my cat (was about 2 yrs old)- I found him on top of my dryer in laundry room shaking, I knew something was wrong. I rushed to pet hospital, vet said looks like whole mouth, tongue, throat was burned. Figured out he must've drank bleach or toliet cleaner off floor when I cleaned toliets. He was in oxegyn room for 3 days, in hospital total of a week, I had to tube feed him for 4 weeks. Petwatch said if bleach, not covered, if toliet bowl cleaner, covered. Well, it was determined toliet bowl cleaner after all I just cleaned toliets. I don't recommend using the blue toliet bowl cleaner to anyone and don't leave your lids up, make sure none on the floor. Anyway, claim was around $2400 and I got a check for around $2200 with a month. My cat was saved and is doing well today, although he can't annoying meow anymore, he is very healthy. Well worth it.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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