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Our three year old lab, Shania, became lame little by little. It became apparent that she hadn't just pulled "something" so we took her to our Vet. She was Xrayed and Vet said she had a CCL rupture of both rear legs. Xrays were sent for second opinion and the diagnosis was confirmed. We then took her to a Specialist, whom we knew from personal friends, vet employees, singing his praises, Dr. Curt Daly, DVM, of Oregon Veterinary Referral Associates, Springfield Oregon. Pet Plan paid within two days, the first claim I faxed for the initial expenses for diagnosing, then after she had her surgery paid within 5 days of faxing for 80% of the bill($3361.00)$2688.00 , since the $100 deductible had been previously taken on the initial claim. All in all we are very pleased with the response, the Customer Service Reps have been great. We were so pleased that we put our 2nd dog on this same insurance. We adopted her from Humane society, a Border Collie. Two weeks after we put insurance on poor Daisy, she was bitten by a stray dog, who was trying to get to Shania, who was at this time recooperating from her CCL surgery. Daisy protected Shania, like a good little Border Collie would. Daisy took 13 stitches to sew up her wound, shots, etc for which Pet Plan paid 80% $ after the $100 ded and 20% we had to pay. This claim also was paid within one week. I cannot say enough about this insurance company's claim paying. I was an insurance adjuster for many years, in "human" insurance a

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Torn CCL
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Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

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1 - 8

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