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We have had pet insurance on our dogs for years. We never had too much use for it until the last 5 years. Our mutt needed a TPLO and one of my Newfies needed 2 TPLO's plus an additional corrective surgery. In general we got half back each time. Not impressive. Then I decided to do another review of all policies available and used this site to assist. I switched to Embrace. Recently, the same Newfie who had the three surgeries had a stroke to his spinal cord and lost the use of his hind legs. He had two MRI's plus a myriad of other diagnostics and then spent 2 weeks in a specialty rehab clinic. Thankfully he is doing well. Embrace paid 100% after my yearly deductible (yearly not per incident) and my 10% co-pay (which I chose). They did not cover the bath the clinic gave him - oh well :) Am I happy - you bet. And the folks there are so friendly and helpful - you are not calling a "help desk" or "call in center" - you are talking to real people who care.
I've never written a review like this before but this insurance has been a major blessing for us. We are not in a great financial position at this time (who is?) and receiving back almost 100% of this unexpected expense has been nothing short of life saving for us. It is not cheap for us to insure all 6 of our dogs but it only takes one incident like this to prove its value.

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Posted: 04/07/2010

I agree with you especially since you haven't had ANY claims. I would check into a senior plan for dogs