Not as good as its rating...

Out of 10

First off, everytime I call customer service, I am put on hold for average 30 minutes and have to listen to their bs "Petplan is #1 rated insurance...blah blah "
They are very deceptive and sounded like they are the best, but my experience so far is only worst.

I adopted a 5 years old German Shepherd from county shelter. 3 claims submitted for about $1100 total. I got so frustrated with their requirements of all vet history. I adopted the dog from the shelter, how am I suppose to have all the records ?!?!! So i didn't get paid a penny. Fine. I got over it

For my 2nd Yorkie. Same problems. I took him to a different Vet for the 1st time, and they didn't have any records. It's the 1st time for god sake. Petplan already have all previous records from my previous Vet !!! And they wouldn't process my claim until they receive "NEW" records from the new vet...

Don't sign up. Try another one. GoPetPlan is expensive and not up to their ratings.

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Posted: 10/06/2009

I'm getting a little tired of making this point. PetPlan requires complete doctor's notes from the first time you took your pet in for a check up until the latest illness. They obviously don't expect you to have notes from before you had the animal but they do want information on pre-existing conditions.
I'll give you an example of PetPlan's superiority in this regard. When we got our latest dog he had a benign tumour near his anus which is typical for middle aged dogs who haven't been neutered. Didn't expect my first insurer (NOT PETPLAN) to cover that condition. But when I had the policy underwitten, at first they came back to me and wouldn't cover "cancer."

That was ridiculous since the tumour was a common benign condition that might recur but is seldom real "cancer." So while I was prepared for them to never pay again for that surgery I was not going to stay with them if they ruled out "cancer" altogher.

After strenuously making my case to the rep she went back to a vet and agreed with me that only the "perianal tumour" would be excluded.

NOW CONTRAST THIS TO PETPLAN to whom we switched after a while. With the same vet info the only condition they put on the policy was that they would only reconsider paying for the tumour surgery if it recurred after two years. IOW they were willing to revisit a condition that the previous company had initially decided excluded cancer coverage altogther.

PetPlan is not a tricky company. NCI - Ron