insurance is good but expensive

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I got insurance for my cat when at that time he was around 10 months old, PetCare is OK, the representatives are friendly & knowledgeable, but I don't have too much money, I brought the one that would cost only around $13/m, totalling around $192/yr. but the deductible was $200 which was kind of high. My cat was diagnoised with urinary track infectiion when he was 1 1/2 yr. old & my 1st vet bill was $265 including X ray, urine test, antibiotics for 2 wks., exam fee...... Since my dedutible was $200, it's really no point submitting the bill, the bill was $265 ONLY, I still had to pay for 20%. I'm not saying PetCare is not good, it's always nice if you have the extra cash to buy a better package with less deductible & higher premium. I now decide not to go with pet insurance anymore & put aside $300/yr. into a separate account for my cat should he become sick & need money to pay for those expensive vet bills. It's really up to you pet owners how you want to save money & have the money for your pets if in need, either setting up an account for your pet by putting money in every yr. or every month or pay insurance company & if your pets are healthy for that perticular yr., no illnesses nor accidents, good, but the insurance co. will eat up your monthly payments for that yr. However, if you put the money aside each month, & if your pets are healthy, the money will still be there, still at your own pocket, GET IT?!

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