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My poor cat had an abscess in her mouth that burst through her face. She needed emergency surgery, and had some teeth removed. During her emergency surgery, the Doctor had to remove the abscess material from the other teeth, and clean those teeth in order to inspect them thoroughly, to see if there were any other abscesses in her mouth.Of the many procedures that the ASPCA Petshealtsh Care Insurance (Hartville Group) denied, was the cleaning of her teeth, saying it was a ‘Wellness’ procedure, a dental cleaning, which was an exclusion under the Policy!! This was NOT a Wellness Dental Cleaning, this was a possible live sparing surgery, in which the teeth had to be thoroughly inspected. My poor Li’l Girl later passed soon after, from possible complications from the abscess.
This insurance company is as cold-hearted as they come, and I STRONGLY advise all others to stay away from this Pet Insurance, and for Existing Clients to CANCEL their policies. This company is a DISGRACE!!!
They interpret procedures, contrary to the reasons they were ordered by the Veterinarian, so that they may be excluded from your claim. DISGUSTING & ABOMINABLE!!!!!

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dental abscess, systemic infection
Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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