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My darling little Muffin was the most adorable well mannered very healthy and happy shi-poo until one day she had a strange look on her face. In only eight days she left me at only six and a half years old. I took her to the best hospitals to cure my sweet dog but she passed away from a brain infection that was not curable. Pet Best immediately paid 80% of the cost and even covered $100.00 of her cremation. They were very kind over the phone and sent me condolances over my Muffin's loss. The vet cost were around $7000.00. I would have done anything to save her. Pe best came to the rescue financially when I needed it most. I would have prefered not to use the insurance and still have my darling Muffin but I am grateful that I did. Muffin was a part of my life and family and she deserved to have health insurance just like I do.

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infectious brain disease
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Over $1000

Shih Tzu

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1 - 8

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