By far the BEST PLAN ever!!!

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Using PetPlan has been the most positive experience. Last year I insured my dog and (2) cats. You hope to never have to use insurance but unfortunately I had to use it. First was for my dog who was attacked by another dog. I put in a claim for over $2k in vet bills. I received my check in the mail with in 14 days. The claim process was simple. Not too soon after, my cat developed a growth which was diagnosed as breast cancer. Because of my policy with PetPlan, although my can was terminally ill, I was able to keep her comfortable and give her the care she needed so that I could enjoy her as long as possible. What peace of mind. When she did finally lose her battle to cancer, I informed PetPlan to cancel the policy. They were very comforting and even sent a sympathy card which included seeds to plant flowers in her memory. What a nice gesture. In addition, I receive birthday emails from them for my pets, as well as holiday cards, one of which was printed on edible rawhide for my dog to enjoy! PetPlan really stands out from the rest. If you're looking for a plan that will cover maintenance this is not the plan for you. PetPlan is designed to cover accidents and illnesses, even hereditary conditions such as hip dysplasia which you will find that most companies don't cover. Not only does PetPlan cover such illnesses, but they cover the life of the illness which is very importnant. When I was shopping for a plan I came accross PetPlan's website and thought to myself "this coverage is too good to be true". But I couldn't find any negative reviews so I decided to sign up. Not soon after did I find myself in a situation where I had to use it, and I have no complaints whatsoever. I told my vet about the plan and how great it was and he now promotes the company as well and has had no complaints either. If you're going to have a pet, pet insurance with PetPlan is definitely a smart choice. There's no better feeling then knowing you have the coverage to give your pet the care that it needs. After all, they depend on us. PetPlan has far exceeded my expectations and I recommend them to all pet owners.

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