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What I have found most excellent about Embrace is not only do they cover what most other companies don't, you can customize your policy to be affordable. Anyone with a multiple dog household knows how expensive it can be to have multiple policies.
By taking the largest deductible & co-pay, along with the highest yearly payout ($10,000), plus I took coverage for prescriptions and continuing care, I was able to get a policy for my Great Dane for under $250 a year! Anyone reading this with a big dog knows just how expensive medical care can be for the big dogs!

Of course, your policy will vary depending on how you customize it. I did not want a policy that covered routine items. To me, that is just part of owning a dog and just drives up the cost of a policy. Just like a human, I needed coverage for those major illness or injuries that require major medical care.

My Embrace policies give me piece of mind that I can afford to cover all my dogs for major medical emergencies. Plus, working with Lea at Embrace has just been awesome!

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