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Last spring our Dalmatian took to roaming our rural neighborhood and ingested a poison. We didn't know until about 3 hours later when she went from early seizure to full-blown seizure mode over the course of 5 minutes. First Bonnie's teeth were misaligning while she was trying to eat dinner, her body was moving as if she was shivering, then she was shaking so hard she looked like she was receiving electrical shocks because she was literally jumping around because her shaking was so intense. I grabbed hold of her and notified the vet ER that we were bringing her in. Her body felt like she was boiling from the inside and her eyes were crazed looking. We were scared! We had her at the vet ER 20 minutes later and were told that she probably would have died if it had taken us longer to arrive. She was given charcoal, lots of it, and did not require being flushed by other means. We had a terrible night at home without Bonnie, but were thankful for the periodic updates from the hospital throughout the night. We took her home the next day and nursed her back to a full recovery. She's ran off twice since then and was given an oral dose of hydrogen peroxide as soon as she returned just in case she ingested poison again. Bonnie doesn't like vomiting so she's decided to stay with us when we're in the grove now. The vet bill came to $850, follow up care was another $200. I submitted my claims to VPI Pet Insurance and received a large portion of it back. We initially signed up with VPI as a "just-in-case" prevention, thinking we would use it only for Bonnie's annual well checks and shots. We are glad to have had insurance for her and will continue to renew it each year. I am regularly giving pet owners VPI's phone number and URL and encouraging those without pet insurance to invest in it for those "just-in-case" times. Thank you, VPI for sharing the financial burden of our Dal's treatment.

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