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Dear VPI, My husband and I called to insure our golden retriever named Britney the very day we adopted her at age 4. She is a 'rescued' prior show dog, but now lives the good life with a warm, loving family who adores watching her run, swim and play with balls. We knew we wanted to insure her given our great experiences with VPI Pet Insurance for Rusty, our previous golden retriever. VPI has helped us pay for Britney's annual teeth cleaning, ear infections and products for flea control and heart worm. She has an appointment coming up for a teeth cleaning and removal of a skin tag. Although I brush her teeth every day, having a dog's teeth professionally cleaned can help extend their lives. I'm not sure I would get it this done if I didn't have insurance. With VPI, I now have the freedom to do more elective procedures. As a certified 'pet grief counselor', I have supported many clients who have lost pets. I've noted a difference with those who have had pet insurance, as they often comment that they felt the peace of mind to be able to spend whatever was needed during the final days/weeks of their pets' lives. Similarly, even though to date we've never had any major concerns with Britney thus far, we never want to have to make any medical decisions based on financial concerns. Knowing VPI is there gives us the confidence that Britney's healthcare needs will be partially covered if/when situations arise. Sincerely, Bonnie Goodman Stanford, CA

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